Monoply is: Drums, electronic gadgets, and a microphone. That’s all it takes to create a

sound so voluminous that no four walls can capture it. Monoply is a stroll through the open fields of one’s imagination. Built on a foundation of earthy, forceful beats, emerges a myriad of unique sample soundscapes that come together on the horizon, in a buzzing unification of voices. Above it all, a spherical sound-filled sky. Everything is in motion:

One moment you’re diving through downtempo James Blake-y depths, and in the next you’re wandering through a melodic universe much like that of Moderat. A permanent twilight. Dusk and dawn, night and day, analog and digital all blur into one. A soundwave of euphoria sweeps over the crowd. Dancing, listening, seeing, and experiencing.

All of that is Monoply.


© 2017 by Monoply. Impressum

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